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If you need a new E-mail address, you've come to the right place! This is where you can set your E-mail free. Here you get a FREE! E-mail box with a unique Internet address -- now with free POP3 access. Please bookmark http://www.sethi.org as the login page for your Sethi email account.

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Welcome to your free Sethi email account.

  • Now featuring an integrated calendar and POP3 access. The POP3 feature allows you to download your mail to your local computer using Eudora, Outlook, Netscape, or any other email client. Please login to your account and choose the Free POP link to get more info on how to go about setting this up.
  • Please feel free to bookmark either our homepage (http://www.sethi.org/) or this email page (http://www.sethi.org/email/) to log into your new account.
  • If you encounter any problems whatsoever in setting up your account, please send an email to webmaster@sethi.org detailing the errors.


Setting-Up New Accounts
  • Important: Please change the Reply-To E-mail Address: from its current setting to username@Sethi.ORG immediately to ensure that all email is sent and received correctly. You can check/change the current setting by:
    1. Logging in to your account;
    2. Choosing the Options item from the list on the left;
    3. Clicking the E-mail item from the list on the top and then entering your name@Sethi.ORG address in the Reply-To box, if necessary.

    Setup as many accounts as you like; if any account stops receiving mail (I might setup the same name locally) please send webmaster@sethi.org an email and I'll look into it.
  • During Setup, if it gives ALL "InvalidName@Sethi.ORG" options when you try to create your new account, either enter a unique username of your own creation (e.g., "FirstName.LastName") or press back and try again (the servers will try to suggest new names each time). InvalidNames are just names that either already exist or are restricted.
  • For technical problems with the web-based email system, please check the ZZN Technical Support or Help centers.
balloon-people.gif Things to note about our free email system:
  1. We now support full (and free) POP3 access so that you can use your own mail client (e.g, Eudora, Outlook Express, etc.) to access your email.
  2. Hosted externally for now; account info will be saved but messages might be lost when we transition to our internal servers.
  3. Handled entirely on external servers with their ads; if things ever stop working, just email webmaster@sethi.org
  4. Email will be free for life... servers might switch but email is completely and absolutely free!
  5. When you have some free time, please review the official policies, etc. of this free email service. In order to keep this email free, we request that you not use this service for spamming or other, more illegal, purposes.
balloon-phone.gif Finally...
If you like this service, please help spread the word about Sethi.ORG and if you have any suggestions at all on how to improve the site, please don't hesitate to drop webmaster@sethi.org an email with your suggestions, ideas, or observations.

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