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Web Tools
· Sethi Position Checker & Analyzer: find out how your site ranks on the major search engines & directories for the specified keywords (gives page and position number at which your site shows up).
· Sethi WebSnoop. Ever wondered just how much information someone can get on you? This simple web snooper gathers as much info as possible about your IP or Web address.
· Sethi Cookie Checker. Check your cookies and other environemntal variables.
· Sethi Cookie Monster. The Sethi Cookie Monster can't wait to munch on your cookies (note: it only removes all cookies that are set for our domain; use the Sethi Cookie Checker to see what cookies we've left lying around your larder).
Net Tools
· Sethi GeoTrace: use our Geographical TraceRoute to track down network problems and trace the path your packets travel according to geographical location and network. Also provides Domain Name (DNS) & Network information, indicates problem spots that might slow your internet connection, and tells you what kind of webserver and OS is on the other end.
· Found the perfect bargain but wanna see if the guy really lives "next door"? Sethi WebLook will trace any address and provide DNS, geographic, and Network information about it. Just enter their IP or FQDN address here:
Free Programs & Scripts
· Sethi Family GuestBook. Like our GuestBook and wish you could have a guestbook as cool as that on your site? Well, your wish is about to come true... just click the above link and save the file to your server. The only requirement is PHP 4.0 or higher; it's specifically written *not* to require mySQL (for those of you who might be intimidated by it; the next version of the Sethi Family GuestBook will support either flat file or mySQL). Also, there's only one file (later versions will support a more modular approach). Enjoy!
· Sethi Yahoo News Grabber. Wondering how that snazzy script to get the news from Yahoo (and other sites) on the front page works? Well, here's the source code for one of the first versions of the script, free for public consumption. The current version does a lot more but, sadly, it's really nothing more than a bunch of kludges, one built upon the other. The functionality evolved, rather than being designed, and that shows very plainly in the ugly code I have to clean up before posting (also hampered by the fact that I'm not a computer scientist :).
· Sethi Family's Darvas Box Plotter. Here's the script that plots those fancy-schmancy Darvas boxes. This example from our Investments section shows how the script downloads the latest data, computes the Darvas boxes, and plots the whole shebang in real time.
· Sethi Search Utility. A simple command line utility to submit a search to Google, Yahoo, or M$N and show the (text) results right back on standard output.

More Tools Forthcoming

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Featured tool-of-the-month: WebSnoop

Sethi WebSnoop. Ever wondered just how much information someone can get on you? This simple web snooper gathers as much info as possible about your IP or Web address.

Note: Please give the script about a minute to do its job... it ain't easy going through all your drawers and closets, ya know...

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